Action Items
Status OrigDueDate LastWeekDueDate CurrentDueDate Who What
In Progress Heather "Determine with group what regular meetings we want to have and set them up.
Suggested approach: one for engineering and one for fundraising & marketing"
In Progress Arthur Determine Donor Level Definition and Rewards
In Progress Cliff Short-term Donor Management list
In Progress Nicole/Cliff Create audio content for the Device Flash App.
In Progress All Continually play with the Device Flash App and send feedback.
Complete Heather Contact Info for everyone
Not Started Greg Initial pass on Device to Kiosk integration needs
Complete Adeel Mail out questions that need answers to … Examples
* Where will we build these? Full assembly in China vs. hand final assembly in country
* Environmental considerations
* Robustness requirements splash proof?
* Material choices green materials? _
Updating Adeel Hardware Design Spec for Device
Updating Adeel April prototype device spec
Not Started Nicole Environmental Spec for Device
Not Started Cliff Functional Spec for Device
In Progress Eric Content/Navigation Spec for Device
Not Started Grace Kiosk Design Spec
In Progress Cliff Content Scenarios
Not Started Cliff Content Authoring Spec
Not Started Cliff Update the site somehow to make sure visitors know the Flash App is interactive
Complete Nicole Yahoo Grant LOI
Not Started Nicole Yahoo Grant
In Progress Nicole Shared list of grant opportunities and progress.
Complete Nicole/Cliff BEA Grant Application
Not Started Heather IT solution for shared DB of grant opportunities tracked all the way through from lead on grant op to how we apply funds from a grant
In Progress All Facebook Profiles
In Progress All "Potential Big Donor list to Cliff plus your assessment of…
* … the likelihood they will be interested in literacy or global poverty
* … potential for money ($50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, >$5000)
In Progress Heather/Cliff Solution for document sharing (google docs), solution for calendaring, solution for wiki (Cliff recommends wikidot for now)
Not Started Ret Holiday Fundraising Approach
Not Started Ret Get Literacy Bridge on any appropriate lists we can be on (GuideStar United Way)
In Progress Heather Work with other to set milestones covering our activities and driven both by business goals and the realities of work
Not Started Heather Marketing plan and timelines
Not Started Cliff/Heather Event Calendar