Device Contexts


This page describes the various device contexts, which affect the functionality triggered by a button action.

System Module Contexts

Contexts define the behavior of keys in specific locations. The Select Context will be active in the Home Location and many others, as it will be an often used keypad profile, i.e. Context. The Home Location is the location the user is taken to when he/she presses the Home Key, or when the device is turned on. This location uses the Select Context for key behaviors.


Select is the default context, it is active when the device is turned on. It is a menuing and navigation interface that allows selection of content modules for playback or any one out of a number of options from the main menu. See selection for details.

Edit My Categories

This allows the user to add or delete a category, which is used to organize their content modules.

Share (previously called Copy)

  • As long as the device-to-device cable is connected, the devices are in share context.
  • To go back to single user/device context, the device cable needs to be physically disconnected.

See d2d-copy and future kiosk specs on copying to/from the device.


The record context does not refer to the behavior of keys once record mode is activated and related options become available for navigation and selection. The record context refers to the behavior of keys when the device is actually recording. See record for details.

Set Time and Date


Set Reminder

This is effectively an alarm application that allows user to set reminders for every day, every given weekday, or every year on a given day.

Record my Name


Content Module Contexts

Each content module can create many adjacent and nested contexts (called "containers" in the contentschema spec) that affect operation of the buttons other than those that the System Module (or maybe the "device package") does not allow to be overridden.