The hyperlink should ideally be indicated by a background sound that begins and ends with the word or words that represent the hyperlink. If that level of precision is difficult to achieve in the content development platform, the indicator will still work even if the sound finishes towards the beginning of a subsequent word in the recording.

The sound will be 70Hz, but this frequency is subject to change once feedback is in from beta testers. It is likely that it might have to be slightly higher in frequency so that it can be more easily heard. The key balance is to have a sound that is noticeable but not disruptive.

The user will access or activate the hyperlink by tapping the hyperlink key during or after the sound is heard. In other words, the hyperlink key will activate any current or the latest hyperlink on any given audio text.

Since content that is played after a hyperlink is activated can have hyperlinks of its own they will by default contain at least one hyperlink that brings the user back to the previous segment. The "Go back" hyperlink that must be on every recorded segment by default will function very much like the back function on web browsers. It will bring the user back to the hyperlink that was clicked on, on the previous segment. If the need to save excessive writes to flash memory exists, then the "go back" hyperlink will bring user to the beginning of the segment he/she came from.

  • [Cliff] I think we can use the "Left" button for this "go back" function when the button is tapped near the beginning of the hyperlinked content, see nav.

The main body of the recorded document, i.e. content module, will not have a "go back" hyperlink.

The content below should be moved to help and is triggered by holding the Home button (see buttons)

Pressing down and holding the hyperlink button for two seconds or more will play the message:
"Help Mode activated. Press any key to learn its function or press this key again for two seconds to deactivate help mode."
and will activate help mode. Pressing and holding it in the same fassion will play the message:

"Help mode deactivated. All keys will function normally now."
and take the user out of help mode and back where he/she was.

While in help mode pressing the hyperlink key for less than two seconds, i.e. a normal pressing, will cause the device to play the help description for that key. The same will happen for every other key on the device.

Pressing any key other than the hyperlink key for two seconds while in help mode, will cause the extended help segment to be played for the corresponding key. This will also be a recording explaining the function of the key, but in greater detail.