Content Selection

Content Selection

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The content selection interface, which includes the Home Location, is best described as a pair of columns, Column A and Column B.

The Home Location on the device will be Column A, which will contain a list
of Content Modules. Once the user presses the right arrow or the Select
button on one of the titles, he/she is taken to column B where a list of
audio segments that belong to the selected Content Module is displayed. If
the user pressed Play when at Column A, the device would simply start
playback at the beginning of the Content Module selected or, if the Content
Module was played in the past, the device would begin playing at the
location the user stopped the last time that module was heard.

All Content Modules are shown on Column A in the order they were downloaded
or saved to the device. The order is reverse chronological with most recent
at the top of the list.

When the user taps Home, he/she is taken to Column A, the same location the
user is placed at when the device is turned on. When the user holds Home,
he/she is told:

"Tap Play for previous Content Module, up or down arrow to choose from

Non-verbose: "Home to switch or arrows for categories"

The non-verbose version of voice prompts does not have to be extremely brief
since the user can always interrupt prompts by just pressing the desired

Categories are simply tags that can be associated with Content Modules.
There are user and factory-defined tags and they are both treated and
displayed equally. They are shown when Home is held and up or down arrow
keys are pressed. Categories are displayed in the order they are created in
reverse chronological order from top to bottom just like Content Modules on
column A, i.e. at the Home Location. For this initial version we will only
have a Category called "All". Once category creation and assigning is
described and programmed, we wil continue to have "All" as an option but
will also be able to display by any of the other categories.


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