Ghana Pilot

See ghana-pilot-old for notes from early in 2008.

Executive Summary

  • Dates: Jan 5-27(?)
  • Location: Upper West Region of Ghana
  • People: Cliff, two MIT interns, one or two others?, Andy (Ghana), Patrick?(Ghana)

Goals of Pilot

  • get feedback on project
    • technical (device and authoring/kiosk software)
    • business
  • Literacy Bridge sales opportunities
  • Documentation of pilot

Major Activities

  • focus groups (formal/nonformal education + info sharing)
    • includes video, photos, audio recordings, transcripts of focus groups, etc.
  • content development
  • feedback on authoring software
  • feedback on kiosk software
  • feasibility studies of rural assembly and repair of devices
  • marketing and pre-sales
  • research into distribution chain costs and potential partners
  • physical testing of device (exposure to elements, drop tests, etc.)
  • info gathering on population, environment, etc.
  • real-time blogging (if it doesn't interfere with higher-priority plans)
  • PR statements from key stakeholders
  • kiosk feedback

Ideas to Flesh Out

  • 70 devices:
    • 20 for a primary school,
    • 20 for adults in night circle class,
    • 10 for content producers,
    • 20 scattered around to people who will evaluate and tell others to generate orders
  • Comparing devices
    • PCB sealant on some to study long-term corrosion
    • no speaker cloth or gasket to study exposure and sound quality issues

Questions to Answer

  • Is a speaker absolutely necessary, even at the higher cost of power?
    • for which groups?
    • for what uses?
    • is the current one loud enough? if so, how much can we limit the top volume?
  • Is the UI to complicated for elderly farmers?
    • can different system personas helps?
  • How much cost is added to each device once it arrives in the country?
  • How many working computers in each content producer's office? How many have sound cards?

To-Do List Before Pilot

  • talk to Kunle about S&H books in pilot
  • get quotes for 1,000, 10,000 units, 100,000 units
  • alert every Ghana contact of plans; set meetings with Accra people