Ghana Visit 200804


  • April 11-24 (leaving from and returning to Amsterdam; Seattle roundtrip is 6-26 April)

Detailed Itinerary


  • Arrive Amsterdam (GMT+2, 9 hours ahead of Seattle): Monday morning, 7 April
  • Arrive Accra (GMT, 7 hours ahead of Seattle) on KLM Airlines: Friday, 11 April at 6:15pm
  • Depart Accra on KLM Airlines: Thursday, 24 April at 9:20pm, arriving Amsterdam early morning Friday
  • Depart Amsterdam mid-day Saturday, 26 April.

Travel within Ghana

  • Fri 11 April: arrive airport at 6:15pm
  • Sat 12 April: Accra
  • Sun 13 April: Travel to Wa
  • Mon 14 April: Wa {or possible travel delay}
  • Tues 15 April: Wa: UDS
  • Wed 16 April: Funsi: MOFA, GES
  • Thurs 17 April: Jirapa, Ving Ving, Hain/RAAP
  • Fri 18 April: Hain/RAAP, Nandom (NANDRIDEP)
  • Sat 19 April: Hain/RAAP, Tumu?
  • Sun 20 April: Hain/RAAP, back to Wa?
  • Mon 21 April: travel to Accra
  • Tues 22 April: travel to Accra {possible travel delay}
  • Wed 23 April: Accra: GES, Plan Ghana, CARE, other govt officials
  • Thurs: 24 April: Accra: Ministry of Info, Ministry of Health, airport

Budget: ~ $2540

  • $1450 for flight
  • $600 for hotels and meals
  • $450 for travel within Ghana
  • $40 for phone calls to U.S. and within Ghana

Hotels and Meals: US$600

  • 5 Days/Nights in Accra: US$80/day x 5 = US$400
  • 8 Days/Nights in Upper West: US$25/day x 8 = US$200

Travel Costs: US$450

  • Bus costs to/from Wa, Upper West: US$50
  • Rental car cost in Upper West for one week: guessing $200
  • Fuel costs: almost US$200 for gas!

Distance Assumptions

I expect to drive 600 km, assuming Wa->Funsi->Jirapa->Hain->Nandom->Hain->Wa, plus an extra 60km for other driving:

  • Wa->Funsi: 100km
  • Funsi->Jirapa: 120km
  • Jirapa -> Hain: 50km
  • Hain -> Nandom: 80km (and another 80km to get back)
  • Hain -> Wa: 60 km

Fuel Cost Assumptions

  • Petrol: no more than 12,000 Cedis per liter
  • Efficiency: approximately 4km per liter
  • Exchage rate: approximately 9500 cedis per US$1.

To Do While in Ghana

The main purpose is to prepare for the ghana-pilot. The specific tasks Cliff will accomplish while there are:

  1. feedback on non-functional physical model
  2. photos of people using physical model
  3. photos of other things for marketing collateral (children and adult schools, people interested in device with bios and stories, etc)
  4. get stories - take notes on stories for talks
  5. get recorded endorsements of idea for website
  6. determine first pilot village, pilot length, and set primary and backup pilot dates
  7. get photos and bios of people and orgs to be on NGO or "customer" advisory committee
  8. feedback on functions demonstrated in Flash app
  9. get contacts for Oxfam, CARE, Plan, and other international orgs, particularly info about Oxfam's Radio Progress program: a radio programme that aims to change the attitudes, beliefs and practices that prevent girls from going to school. Radio Progress reaches over 500,000 listeners and successfully encourages people consider girls’ education as a positive investment for the nation. See
  10. delivery of and training on digital voice recorders for content partners (NGOs, UDS - University of Development Studies, and maybe MOFA)
    1. RAAP/Hain
    2. NANDRIDEP/Nandom
    3. MOFA, Health,Education/Funsi
    4. UDS (Damasus)/Wa
    5. Plan Ghana/Accra?
    6. CARE Ghana/Accra?
    7. Oxfam Ghana/Accra?
    8. ADRA Ghana/Accra?
    9. GES Accra (Captain)
    10. TLMP (Rabna)
    11. Daniel (church)
    12. Cliff copy for bringing back audio
  11. return with 5-10 readings of informational and literacy content recorded while in Ghana, with a sampling of reading in Dagaare, Sissala, and English
  12. record greeting from NGO partners to major donors
  13. meet with adult literacy centers
  14. find local microcredit programs for kiosk owners
  15. meetings with Ministries of Education: distribute brochures and get 2008-2009 primary school schedule
  16. meet with Food/Agric (MoFA), Health, and Information distribute brochures
  17. scouting for initial kiosk owners
  18. more battery investigation
  19. market system and distribution investigation
  20. tro-tro as SD transport investigation
  21. better understanding of use in schools
  22. attempt to contact presidential candidates distribute brochures
  23. meetings with Patrick of Ashesi University, Rabna of USAID office, US Embassy, International NGOs (Plan Ghana, CARE, etc) distribute brochures
  24. investigate Ghana's electronic device regulatory requirements
  25. visit with One Village Ghana distribute brochures
  26. check out all references listed here: distribute brochures

To Do Before Amsterdam/Ghana Trip

  1. DONE: Prepare Apache talk
  2. DONE: Complete Flash device
  3. DONE: Have a couple demonstration content modules
  4. DONE: Complete first physical model
  5. DONE: Give out calling card numbers to contact people (Arthur, Heather, ?)
  6. Determine target beta release dates of kiosk and content authoring software
  7. Determine open source strategy for everything (or what will be TBD)
  8. DONE: Get 15 digital voice recorders + earphones + batts (Cliff)
  9. Write up instructions to on how to use voice recorders to ease transfer to kiosks (Heather)
  10. DONE: Create English language Brochure for Ghanaian NGOs and Government