Kiosk Business Models


The purpose of this page is to document ideas for business models to make kiosk operation sustainable. This page may include info on business models for making the entire Content Distribution Network work, but we may also want to spin off a separate page for that.

Business Models

Sales of Talking Book Personal Devices

  • Need to determine how many would be sold and the likely markup.
  • Should also determine how much assembly work could be done by individual kiosk owners, such that they order parts and put them together on their own.
  • If we use rechargeable batteries, will the kiosk owners sell devices with the batteries included and absorb the initial cost? If so, how do they ensure against their inventory getting shifted to competing kiosk owners that can recharge the same batteries?

Rental of Rechargeable Batteries

  • Need to calculate how many people would be served, how many days between charges, and how much disposable batteries would cost to help determine an attractive recharge price. Then factor in capital costs of solar powered chargers.