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Network Costs

Talk Time


India (Karnataka)

  • $0.01 / min (Vodapone-to-Vodaphone) Vodaphone




Handset Cost

As of October 2009, US $14 seems to be about the typical cost for new, low-end phone in Ghana or India.
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Ghana Handsets

Bayor's research in northern Ghana in February 2010:

These are my findings from my little research into phone models
commonly used in villages. The nokia brands include Nokia
1200,1100,1600,1110,1650,2310,1209 and 1202. The most popular in VV
and Doung where i did my findings is 1110. the cost was GHC 45 to
GHC60 on the average. the commonest, 1110 cost GHC45. There where some
few Motorola phones, c115, c113 and c118 but like one or two out of

Battery Charging Cost

  • Cornelius, a primary teacher in a rural area in the Ashanti Region, pays 30 Gp to charge battery (~$0.21). He leaves his phone on and must charge every two days.
  • Bayor reports 30-50 Gp to charge a battery, with a typical talk time of 3-4 hours and standby time of 4-5 days.
  • Bayor also reports that many people will have extended family charge their phones in houses if they have electricity. The families wouldn't charge for this, but the cost of electricity (anywhere in Upper West?) is 12 Gp per kW-Hour.