Scenarios and Requirements (Cliff)

  • This spec was written in early November and will be locked down soon. Needs an update and prioritization.
  • See early questions about ME/ID requirements for Mark: mark-early-qs

Industrial Design (TBD: Cliff to find)

Includes conceptual illustrations, user interface, etc.

Functional Spec (Cliff for now — soon a new Program Manager)

This describes everything that happens between the user and the device. It's the "scenario doc" plus the usability stuff (i.e., the
icon on the button, the labels on the buttons) plus the real world environmental stuff plus the way it connects to the system — always from the user perspective. It will be read by our partners in Ghana, who would not benefit from reviewing the Technical Specs. This might end up being a few separate documents, with one of them focusing on audio navigation. It will not describe industrial design elements, such as the user interface. This is a tricky line, but one way to think about it is that it describes what features should be able to be accessed in different contexts, without describing what buttons are pushed to access them.

Technical Specs (Adeel, Mark, Eric)

It describes everything that happens INSIDE the enclosure. Mark will design the enclosure and circuit boards to match a) the technical requirements, and b) the industrial design. More detail needed here, primarily to factor specs between Eric and Adeel. For instance, Eric may be writing an audio metadata specification and/or navigation spec.

Environmental Spec (Nicole)


Scenarios and Requirements (Cliff for now)

For instance, are there multiple types of kiosks (school kiosks vs. village kiosks; recharging stations vs. library upload/download stations). Also, should include initial bootstrapping — how to load lots of initial content into the network.

Functional Spec (TBD)

Architectural Design (Grace)

Environmental Spec (Nicole)

For instance, how the kiosks are powered (solar cells?), how device batteries might be recharged.


Scenarios and Requirements (TBD)

This should include both simple content (audio only with section breaks) and complex content (simple + hyperlinks and multiple choice options). This should also include how we will deal with early content being recorded on off-the-shelf digital voice recorders and transferred to the Content Distribution System.

Functional Spec (TBD)

Other Specs (TBD)

This might include technical specs for software development.


Business Models (TBD)