The purpose of this page is to document things we find on the web or elsewhere that illustrate a need for the Talking Book device (for marketing and potential parterships) and may also inform us as to how the device might be used (use cases and requirements). Some of these quotes and links may end up on our public web site at some point.


  • "Similarly, Stepping Stones facilitators often find that through the process of gender analysis and empowerment, women in particular become aware of their need and right to have a voice on other issues, including literacy skills, but they lack the tools to build this into their work. Furthermore, facilitators who themselves are illiterate are often hampered in their own effectiveness by being unable to access the information they require."
  • "Bangalore: 'Even so many years after Independence, there still are lakhs of people who are illiterate. The State Government, through the Department of Public Instruction, has launched several programmes to increase the literacy rate in the State,' Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy said here on Friday. He was speaking after inaugurating a function organised to celebrate the World Literacy Day. He released posters and a book 'Sarala Kanoonu' on the occasion. 'I have toured all over the State during the past few weeks. I visited the backward regions of the State and stayed in villages. One common thing that I found after interacting with villagers was that many were illiterate and were being exploited by officials,' he said."